I ran over this story which just restored my confidence in mankind. It happens on a common day, when a lady, Lisa Lemming Jackson, from Georgia, USA, was out shopping at the supermarket. She at that point saw a man – who has all the earmarks of needing assistance.

What unfolds next is a demonstration of the quality and bond people keep on sharing with each other, in spite of all the hate and struggles we find in our reality. Moments of empathy, for example, the one that unfolded between Lisa, the man needing assistance, and afterward the store staff, is, to me, the evidence that “mankind still cares around each other.”

Read on, and you’ll comprehend why.

Everything started one day toward the beginning of August, as Lisa Lemming Jackson was out shopping at her nearby grocery store in Georgia, USA.

As she meandered between aisles, she all of a sudden looked at an elderly man, with a tormented look in his eyes. He positively seemed as though he could use some assistance.

As she looked longer, she understood that something wasn’t right.

Furthermore, her hunch was correct – perused Lisa’s own words about the event underneath:

“Simply went through 2 hrs with an elderly man at Kroger. It begun with me simply smiling at him, looking … .

As I walked past him he seemed as though he required something. I turned around and ask as to whether I could help him. With tears in his eyes he stated:

I have colon tumor and I have had a truly terrible mishap, if I get up out of this cart everybody will know … What should I do?”

The look of his dignity lost left me with a bump in my throat.

From that minute on, Kroger staff immediately brought us wipes, underpants and carefully took him to their manager washroom area where he was given garments.”

“He cried and apologized.

He said he needed to rush because his wife was at home all alone. When we strolled to the cash point we discovered his basic needs all packed away and somehow paid for.

He cried harder.”

“He said he battled in Vietnam and Korean War and love his country, yet up until this day he said he thought his country forgot abut him.

We both cried and I imparted to him my own battles and fears… He gave me useful advices and encouraged me that perhaps all things considered, mankind still cares around each other.

Today demonstrated it.

Thank you Elmer, thank you Kroger and thank you God for the lesson and reminder I got today.”

I think that this lady is an amazing case of how little actions can have an enormous effect.