Depressed Marine Thinks He Knows The Surprise, But When He Sees The Puppy, He Loses It

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Three years back, Peter Coukoulis returned home to Tallahassee serving with the United States Marines Corp. Upon his arrival to regular citizen life, Peter started battling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Symptoms of PTSD can incorporate depression, anxiety, flashbacks, a sleeping disorder and additionally seclusion.

The gallant 26-year-old veteran thought that it was hard to reconnect with typical, regular day to day existence.

Subsequent to watching her child fight PTSD, Peter’s mom Dena concocted a splendid arrangement. She secretly purchased a small beagle pup for Peter, knowing the canine would help Peter with his treatment as his loyal friend.

A couple of weeks before Christmas 2016, Peter’s family assembled around him at the kitchen table and gave him a wrapped box with a major red bow. He gave the container a knowing look, nearly as though he recognized what was sitting tight for him inside. Be that as it may, the second Peter looked inside and saw those two lovable eyes gazing back at him, he burst in tears.

At that time, he knew his life was going to improve.

Dena told Caters News Agency, “The puppy has officially changed Peter’s life, it has made him upbeat following an exceptionally troublesome three years.”

Take note of: The puppy was not in the ventilated box for long, and was protected the whole time.

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