Audrey, a single mother of three had been feeling sick for a long while. The doctor said that she need to go to the hospital for testing. She asked her neighbors (who she just knew a bit) if they can watch her kids for the night.

Tisha, Audrey’s neighbor, who is a mother of five, happily accepted the “offer”. There wasn’t much space in her home yet she was glad to help.

After an incredibly anxious wait, Audrey’s results came in. The doctor sent her immediately to the surgery. Shockingly, it was terrible news and Audrey discovered that she was diagnosed with stage two oesophageal and stomach cancer… Sadly, it was terminal.

Audrey knew her time was running out yet she was set up to battle before it was too late. She likewise needed to ensure her kids would be alright after she will no longer be with them.

Audrey and Tisha weren’t close friends. Caught up with working lives and 8 kids between them, they didn’t had enough time to become more than neighbors.

In any case, Audrey took a risk and ask as to whether Tisha would become the legal guardian to her three kids. Incredibly, Kevin and Tisha accepted, with five offspring of their own, they knew it would be a struggle yet benevolently opened the doors to their home to three more.

They wanted to help, they needed to do whatever they could to ease the agony the kids would endure, with their mom’s imminent passing around the corner.

Audrey thought she had more time on Earth, however unfortunately, her time was cut short.

The following video is a profoundly passionate video that tells the heartbreaking story in a way that words on a page can’t. The ‘FOX5 Surprise Squad’ came to find out about the caring activities of Tisha and Kevin that helped the three heartbreaking youngsters.