As everybody already knows, in the wake of his BET cypher, Eminem destroyed Donald Trump in scathing four-minute freestyle a few days ago.

America’s big names have had lots of reactions. From rappers, to LeBron James to Ellen Degeneres, here are the best of them.

To begin things off, Snoop Dogg posted an Instagram video clarifying his feelings toward the freestyle:

Slim shady 🔌👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

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More rap legends took to Twitter to approve and greet Eminem’s scathing:

One of the notorious rappers, P. Diddy replied:

And there are more…

T-Pain also support Eminem by tweeting:

And when MC Ren, God-level member of NWA, praises you, you know you’re doing something right:

Being lauded by your co-workers and friends is the most noteworthy achievement. Obviously, Eminem also got huge amounts of support from superstars. 8 Mile style, Eminem has beaten the President and earned his job. Isn’t that so?

Ellen was onboard:

And of course there is the sports world, who joyfully embrace Eminem’s freestyle video. LeBron himself enjoyed the crafty Fantastic Four bar:

For sure, creating a whole line around The Thing so quickly takes a ton of verbal aptitude. Also, it’s a stormy reference, as well: after the last Fantastic Four film, a ton of rappers would keep away from that theme at all costs. Yet, not Eminem. Perhaps he doesn’t think about the new movie, and was pondering the Jessica Alba version? No one knows.

Also Colin Kaepernick himself, who got a yell out in the freestyle, returned the love: