16-Year-Old Took 1 Pill; 2 Weeks Later She Wakes Up From A Coma Looking Unrecognizable

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In 2015, 16-year-old Amy Thomson’s life was changed until the end of time.

An excellent young lady and carefree, mingling high schooler tried a pill.

Just once, and only one modest pill, yet that one little choice, almost murdered her.

The pill she took is called MDMA, usually known as ecstasy. This medication, alongside numerous others, is a party drug. Albeit many individuals trust it has only “experience improving” impacts, they’re very wrong.

Thomson and three other young ladies going in age from 15-19 were taken from an adolescent party where they had all been consumed the hazardous medication. Tragically, while the others were released, Thomson spent almost a month in a coma and two weeks in a state of extreme lethargy.

Seeing the video and examination you’re going to see beneath is wrecking. Be that as it may, The Doctors and Thomson’s family who have shared this data are doing as such as a rude awakening to men, ladies, adolescents, and kids all over.

Each parent trusts that their kid won’t do either, or that they know better, or that they’ve conversed with them enough. The fact of the matter is there is never enough discussion about these points.

Medications are all over the place, and regardless of the possibility that you have a kind and keen kid, some of the time circumstances are erratic and they are forced. Anything can happen, and it’s IMPORTANT to have fair discussions about these things so we can all keep sad changes like this from transpiring else.

Thomson survived, yet she is presently limited to a wheelchair and must figure out how to carry on with her life once more.

Maybe the next individual you find in the news that is chosen to have a go at something just once, won’t be sufficiently fortunate to survive.

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